Volunteers Committee

This committee recruits volunteers to fill vacancies and/or resource gaps for committees and to work at the annual awards program.

Tasks Associated with this committee’s work:

  1. Serve on the Executive Committee
  2. Work with members of the Executive Committee to determine needs for volunteers for their committees
  3. Strategize to implement new avenues for recruiting volunteers
  4. Develop job/task descriptions for volunteers that can be posted to the Website and communicated in other media
  5. Make and supervise assignments for volunteers at the program
  6. Assure volunteers are aware of their volunteer assignments/duties
  7. Track and assemble names of all volunteers for program recognition and invitations to de-brief sessions
  8. Work with the host church or other organizations to reach the needed cadre of ushers for the program
  9. Organize and execute the lobby set-up for the program event
  10. Order refreshments for the volunteers on the day of the program
  11. Perform other duties associated with volunteer recruitment as delegated by the Executive Committee

Committee Members