• Is financial need a factor in deciding who gets awards?
    No it is not. The Elizabeth Wesley Youth Merit Award encourages and recognizes academic as well as civic achievements. This is not a scholarship but a merit program that allows awardees to use their incentive awards funds in any manner and as such recognizes that in some cases it will help reduce the burden of financial need.
  • How many awards will be given this year?
    The number of awards presented has grown from a handful in 1996 when the program was started to over 100 each year. The ultimate goal of the Elizabeth Wesley program is to award every qualified application received. The actual award each year is determined by funding and donation levels.
  • What should I wear to the awards ceremony?
    The award ceremony is a serious and honored event. It's a time when the community salutes our future leaders. We want students to present themselves in business like or professional attire. Remember, for many people in the audience you are making a first impression.
  • Can I apply again this year if I received an award last year?
    Absolutely. We encourage 9, 10 & 11th grade students to maintain excellence.  Students can reapply based on their academic achievements.
  • Do I need to attend the ceremony to receive my award?
    Yes.  As an honoree it's important that you participate in this community celebration.