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Elizabeth Wesley Youth Merit Incentive Award Program

Scholarship Awards

The Elizabeth Wesley Youth Merit Incentive Award Program (Program) has highlighted a number of scholarships each year as a complement to the celebration of African American youth achievement. Individuals and organizations sponsoring scholarships have requested that their respective scholarships be awarded to students from the Program pool. Unlike the Program which pays an incentive directly to the students, scholarship awards:

·       Come with specific requirements determined or approved by the scholarship sponsor

·       Are competitive among the ranks of Program incentive award winners

·       Are restricted payout paid directly to a college or university.

Scholarship recipients will be required to write a letter of appreciation within one week of notification of the scholarship award that conveys 1) His or her career aspirations, and 2) How the scholarship will help achieve his or her educational goals.  In some cases, the sponsoring organization will want to utilize the letter, along with the student’s photograph, to post on their website, on a blog or other communications vehicles.