Mrs. Elizabeth Wesley Commemorative Letter

Mrs Wesley

1904 - 1995

Elizabeth Wesley was born November 30, 1905 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her parents reared her in Oklahoma, aided by her grandfather, who was part Cherokee. She confessed Christ at an early age. Mrs. Wesley moved to Tacoma in 1945 where she and her husband joined Bethlehem Baptist Church. In 1953, they helped organize Shiloh Baptist Church where she worshipped for over 42 years.

Mrs. Wesley is remembered as a woman who lived an exemplary life of Christian values, among them faith, hope and charity, manifesting her philosophies in virtue and love. Her home was a safe haven, a refuge, a shelter for many and the safety and wellbeing of children is remembered by the entire community. She was a noted civic leader and took a very active hand in community affairs, on local, state and national levels. Her efforts resulted in the founding of the NAACP Tacoma Branch, and the Tacoma Urban League.

At her passing in 1995, Mother Wesley was remembered as one of the toughest women in America and as one who believed in service to humanity. She believed God could cure all things.