Executive (Steering) Committee

Tasks associated with this Committee’s work:

  1. Establish and facilitate steering committee meetings
  2. Develop the financial budget for each year’s event
  3. Plan the annual program event
    1. Host church
    2. Master/Mistress of ceremonies
    3. Keynote speaker
    4. Order of the program
    5. Entertainment
  4. Negotiate contracts for the site arrangements
  5. Monitor the progress of the fundraising efforts
  6. Monitor the progress of all standing committees
  7. Evaluate the Program results and develop improvement plans
    1. Facilitate annual community debrief and develop strategic actions
    2. Update strategic action plans
  8. Identify program sustainability and efficiency methods and strategies
  9. Speak during community outreach events and activities as required
  10. Facilitate problem resolution as needed
  11. Facilitate partnership development

Committee Members