Awards & Applications Committee

Committee Chair: Reggie Johnson

This committee is responsible for the management of the student application, evaluation and selection processes, planning the orientation, and student participation in the annual ceremony. They also select scholarship awardees and assure that students receive award checks.

Tasks associated with this committee’s work:

  1. Score student applications
  2. Select student awardees
  3. Organize/participation in student orientation night
  4. Maintain new/continuing applications annually
  5. Meet with school representatives annually
  6. Attend college fair at Mt. Tahoma High School
  7. Take part in the Awards Program event (student check-in, chaperone, check distribution)
  8. Select scholarship recipients
  9. Provide support to partnering organizations (UWT and TPU)

Committee Members

Reggie Johnson, Co-Chair,

Carol Felton, Co-Chair,

Keith Blocker

Charlotte Breckenridge

Sherrhonda Brown

Marcia Carter

Ella Mae Crawford

Pame Duncan-Pierce

Elaine McDonald

Barbara Minnis

Johnny Moore

Larry Opher

Bobbie Patterson

Kimi Rabun

Sedonia Young